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Spring 2021 - Teen Hip hop

Ellery Smith


Ellery Smith is an artist and performer based in New York City. Currently, she is actively auditioning and finding her way in the dance scene post pandemic. Before returning to the city last summer, Ellery spent the year residing and teaching in Fargo, ND. She was an instructor and choreographer at Gasper’s School of Dance and Dance Etc., as well as an assistant teacher for the theater dance program at North Dakota State University. She also taught at regional conventions with Short Dance Studios and and the inaugural G Force convention. Ellery is also excited to begin touring with Beyond the Stars and Breakout Dance Competition this spring season.


Ellery has been dancing from the moment she was born, but didn't truly begin her formal training until she joined Gasper's School of Dance and Performing Arts. At GSDPA, she studied various forms of dance under Matthew Gasper, Kathy Gasper, Jennifer Estes, Kayla Morgan, and Patrick Kasper, whom she assisted for the FMCT productions of Jesus Christ Superstar and Hairspray, as well as other various projects. She also attended many regional and national festivals and competitions, such as Youth America Grand Prix and The Dance Awards.

At the age of 16, Ellery relocated to New York City to begin training at the Joffrey Ballet School as a scholarship student. During her four years of pursuing classical ballet in the city, she was fortunate enough to train and perform at various institutions, as well as compete in the Valentina Kozlova International Ballet Competition held in St. Petersburg, Russia. After realizing she missed the freedom of other dance styles, Ellery decided to become a Conservatory student at Steps on Broadway. Under the direction of Mindy Jackson, she trained with Michelle Cave, Al Blackstone, Billy Griffin, Elena Kunikova, and Max Stone to name a few. She has been blessed to work with incredible choreographers such as Julie Magneville, Terk Lewis, Chet Walker, Chaz Wolcott, Robert LaFosse, Josh Bergasse, and Lloyd Culbreath of the Verdon Fosse Legacy. Ellery currently trains vocally with Cara Schoenfish and Paul Peglar.


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