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Convention Information

 An Acceleration of Dance Training 

Conventions are not a replacement for technique classes and we fully understand that training takes place in the dance studio. G Force Convention classes are a great resource for dancers to work in a high paced environment with a variety of instructors and dance styles. Our goal is to motivate and accelerate each dancer's drive and passion for dancing. This is what we hope they will bring back to their studios as they continue their dance training.

 Convention Awards & Scholarship 

At the conclusion of our Convention weekend we will hand out scholarships to be used towards a future convention*. The dancers who receive these scholarships are the dancers who made an impression on our faculty.  The convention faculty decide amongst themselves who the lucky dancers are that will receive scholarships.

NOTE:  To be eligible for a scholarship, dancers must attend the full weekend of classes, and take class in their appropriate age level. 

* Scholarships can be used towards a future convention within a 12 month period.

 Age Groups 

Our age groups are set up to maximize the experience for each dancer. Our instructors are encouraged to challenge each group from the beginner in the room to the advanced dancer. As with most dance conventions a room is filled with many levels of dancers and training.


It is up to the discretion of the studio owner, studio director or the person registering the dancer as to what age group is appropriate. If you do age up a group, you may go no higher than one age level.

If we have 3 Rooms Running

Juniors: Ages 6  - 9

Teens: Ages 10 - 14

Seniors: Ages 15 - 19

Combing Rooms

At some conventions we need to combine rooms due to registration. This is how we divide out our ages.

Juniors / Teen: Ages 6 - 12

Seniors: Age 13 - 19


Juniors: Ages 6 - 11

Teens / Seniors: Ages 12 - 19


Fees & Levels

  • All G Force Ages for Conventions and Workshops are determined as of the first date of the convention.

  • The ages above are guidelines. The Studio Owner/Director, or the registerer may use their discretion to place their dancer in an appropriate level. A dancer may not level up more than one level. Please remember, scholarships are given to dancers in their appropriate age group.

  • Dance studios may apply their own administration fees on top of the fees we charge. This is common in the industry and used to cover the expenses of the Studio Owner for items such as organizing, registration, and attending the events.

  • All fees are in USD (United States Dollars).

  • All returned checks will be subject to a $30 fee.

  • Credit Card Payments will incur a 3% credit card processing fee.

  • No refunds on Convention Fees.

  • At some conventions the Teen & Senior levels may be combined.

  • Levels are ultimately determined by your studio directors and owners.

Solo Adjudication

Receive feedback on competitive solo or audition piece to help you improve. Dancers who enter a solo adjudication will not be judged with scores, rather receive feedback from Convention Faculty. We find that performing in an environment that is not competitive can really help a dancer excel, feel more confident, and really get feedback that they can use to improve their dance.

  • Open to all dancers who are registered for the convention.

  • Cost is $100 per solo (please note that studios may add additional costs for administration onto this price.)

  • Music can be submitted to 5 days prior to the convention.

  • Costumes are optional.

  • Sign-up through the registration website when registering for the Convention.


  • Parents or guardians of registered dancers are allowed to attend Ballroom styled workshop classes if they have purchased an Observer Pass.

  • All Observers must be attending with the paid dancer only and may not be a teacher, studio owner or dancer.

  • Observers are not allowed in Ballet class when auditions are taking place. This is only applicable to certain conventions and will be indicated.

  • Observers do not have access to the Teacher/Studio Owner room or closed rehearsals at any time.

  • G Force Productions reserves the right to limit observers within each ballroom, subject to attendance and space limitations. If limit is reached prior to the convention, Observer Passes will not be sold at the door.

  • G Force Productions reserves the right to revoke any Observer privileges.

  • No videotaping or photography allowed at any point during the workshop classes. Still photos can be taken between classes with the faculty, etc.

  • Once a class begins and the doors are closed. Observers must stay in the space until class is over. Coming and going from the room is a distraction to the dancers and instructors.

  • Observer Passes are NON-REFUNDABLE. No Exceptions.

 Sample Schedule 

The schedule below is an example of how a weekend may look. This will vary from convention to convention. Including start and end times.

General Info
Sample Schedule

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