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Is your dancer participating in the adjudication session? Here is a little information to prepare you prior to their performance.


  • Dancers will dance on the facility convention floor.

  • Costumes are optional. 

  • Dancers will enter the performance area when called. Judges may ask them to state their name and dance. 

  • Music will play, dancer will perform as the Faculty judges take notes.

  • Dancer should remain on the dance floor, as right after the performance, the faculty will give immediate feedback to the dancer. They may ask the dancer to dance a section, try a trick, or give some feedback for the dancer to correct on the spot. 

  • All sessions will be recorded and the video will be sent to the studio director so you can review at your home studio to continue to help with your solo and training.


  • There is no cost to watch.

  • Please do not enter or exit during a session. You will have time between dancers to enter and exit. We want there to be little distraction as possible.

  • No talking while adjudication is in session. This is so the dancer and the adjudication judges can talk and hear one another. 

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